Sixth Piece of the Puzzle

For my final project, I will create an Omeka site to help students consider multiple perspectives of pilots’ experiences in WWII. While examining various sources, students will be asked to think about audiences, purpose, language, and the argument presented to ask questions and analyze historical content and context.

It will contain:

  • items such as images of pilots, personal narratives, oral history, and popular culture examples
  • collections will contain writings about pilot’s experiences and student pages where they will post reflections, websites, wikipedia pages examples, questions, and research findings

The end product will be twofold: For the first part, I would like to have students reflect on how the variety perspectives on WWII pilots informed their understanding of the war or created a fresh view of what it meant to become a pilot and go to war. How did the rhetoric of those varying perspectives affect their interpretation? For the second part, students will create a new wikipedia page for the local flight school that existed in King City during WWII and reflect on the process.

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