Project Update – 3

Since deadlines are rapidly approaching for the project completion, I must take my time and sift through all those items I have uploaded to Pilot’s Log, add more data and organize them. Before I began, however, I decided to add more of the digitized news articles from the Rustler and add their metadata as I am uploading. These were going to be added to the collection of news articles chronicling the school. Unfortunately, in the process I realized that the items in the collections cannot be rearranged, which I was hoping to do to create the chronology as it was documented in the local newspaper. Thus, I may need to start an exhibit instead of a collection where I can change the layout and order of these articles.

While, cropping, resizing, and enhancing the digitized news articles for the “Flight Lines” exhibit, I realized that the quality of the photos is varied and some are more difficult to read, especially the date and year, which I wasn’t too concerned about at first since I took notes and extra pictures of the pages. Now I am finding that the articles would appear better if they were to be part of the entire page. I also wanted to enlarge and focus one of the headers of the “Flight Line” columns to use it as the cover page of the exhibit, but when enlarged, the focus is blurred. Also, in my notes, I marked the beginning of these columns for April 8, 1943, however, the first one on my photos is dated April 16, 1943. It seems that I need to go back to the museum and double check this and take a closeup photo of the header. I was thrilled when I found these columns about the flight school and in my excitement did not do a thorough job and simply did not anticipate how I was going to use these items on the site.

In the meantime, I started looking at the plugins I plan to upload and make changes to allow for the search by metadata, to upload a silent movie from the 1940’s that depicts cadets arriving in King City, and to include the interview I conducted with Red Rider. However, I am missing a step somewhere in the process.

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