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NAME: Prelinger Archives


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Web – “Wayback machine” Internet search, Microfilm, The Iraque War Archive, The Library of Congress, Electric Sheep

Text – E-book texts, open library (is an open, editable library catalog, building towards a web page for every book ever published), links to numerous libraries and their texte, such as the Smithsonian Library, Project Guttenberg

Video – features TV News Archive, Understanding 9/11, Video Game Videos, Vlogs, Youth MediaVideos

Audio – Live Music Archive,  Livrivox Free Audiobook, Music, Art, Culture, Radio Programs

Software – Internet Arcade, Software Livingroom, Classic PC Ganes, Seag Genesis

Image –

  • This library contains digital images uploaded by Archive users which range from maps to astronomical imagery to photographs of artwork. Many of these images are available for free download.Metropolitan Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Flickr Commons, Cover Art,Nasa Images, USGS Map
  • Collections are catalogued and date published, archived, reviewed given

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