NASA on The Commons

Name: NASA on The Commons


Site’s Rights Statement:

1. Explore tab options:

a. Recent – includes breathtaking photos of nature (all rights reserved © ).

b. Trending – a new addition featuring copyrighted © photos tagged and organized by places, genres, natural landscape, colors, seasons, architecture, etc.

c. Flickr VR – some rights reserved 360° panoramic photos

d. The Commons – shares  photos from the world’s photography archives, a collaborative public endeavor where the public is encouraged to tag and comment on pictures.

e. Galleries – photos from Facebook, Google

f. World Map – photos geographically categorized and  linked to locations around the world.

g. Web Garden – applications created by Flickr members using the Flickr API.

h. Camera Finder – recommended cameras used by Flickr community

i.  The Weekly Flckr – video series

j.  Flckr Blog

2. Create: to create home pages, gallery canvas wrap

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