History in 2023

The ideas expressed in “The History Curriculum in 2023”  on the future of history curricula are rooted in the ways historians have approached teaching content knowledge over the past century , but the essay proposes the the procedural knowledge that need to be taught, so that students can prosper in the information and service economy they will live in once they graduate.  Thus, the essay focuses on how students will most benefit from learning historical thinking and knowledge, but it also emphasizes a more engaging way to teach history and allowing more freedom to explore historical thinking by combining real world practices. History will always present “the memory of things said and done,” however the way we think about it, make it accessible to students, and evaluate it through our twenty-first-century lens requires change, so our future history teaching does not look or function “like an underfunded archive: stale, musty, and increasingly forgotten.” (edwired)

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