Social Media Strategy

My Digital Humanities final project is based on the Dubliners by James Joyce. I would hope that this project presents itself interesting to college students studying Literature or History, it could offer scholars, teacher working with the text, Dublin, Ireland, and also professionals involved in DH. People traveling to Dublin might also be interested in visiting sites in relation to Joyce’s novel.

I would venture to create a blog for the project to detail its development and perhaps invite additional input as a form of crowdsourcing to acquire ideas how to further build the project. I would hope to expand the mapping to connect photographs (both old and new) of the various streets, squares, churches, and universities mentioned. Any occurrence of criticism and journal articles will be encouraged to be posted and commented on by students/scholars. A Facebook page would also generate interest in tracking Dublin’s sites mentioned in the book. The general public would be invited to post pictures of their travels to those sites. In addition, literary events in connection to the book, Joyce, history of Dublin, and digital mapping might be posted on the page. Twitter may also offer a good platform to gather input on interest and share the process and progress of the project. It could generate discussions on Joyce’s political views of Ireland and whether they are pertinent or superficial today.

The messages will convey the progression of the project, as somewhat stated above. I am also hoping to invite outside source for the project to incorporate the images and perhaps input from Joyce scholars.

I plan to use the SMART goal rubric to measure the success of my strategy.


  • Specifically stating my audience: students, scholars of Literature, residents of Dublin, people who travel to Dublin.
  • I will measure the goals being met by monitoring social media sites and the responses to the developing project.
  • Make posts once a month, check for comments once a week.
  • Invite my students too comment(since they are reading the book) and share, also invite communities in relevance to Dublin.
  • The time frame will be aligned with the school year, so completion before the end of the term.


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