Revised Personas

Persona 1

Name: Carol Willburg
Demographic: white, early 60s, college educated, upper-middle class
Descriptive Title: Former City Council Member, who, with her husband, owns and runs a Glass Shop in town and is considered the local historian.
Quote: We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
A Day in a Life Narrative:
She begins the day by walking her dog and then walking around the corner to the Glass Shop to open up at 8 A.M. and greet the first customers. As a city council member, she used to be involved in the inter-workings of the city’s policies. Once a month she would run the show and call the shots at meetings, which she still sits in to keep tab on all the happenings in town. Currently, she enjoys spending her time exploring the county’s libraries searching for books on the history of her town. This activity keeps her occupied and expands not only her knowledge of local history, but also her private collection of historical memorabilia. With her husband’s help and expertise the old photographs and documents become digitized, preserved, and displayed in their private collection. After making her rounds at the libraries, she also enjoys going to Soul Treasures, an antique shop, in search of more artifacts to add to her research. This also the setting for casual local gathering, which she often attends. In addition, she volunteers as a member of the local high school board. This fulfills her desire to stay involved with the community projects and provides a platform for her interest in spreading local history.
End Goals:
Through her extensive research, she wants to preserve the city’s rich history. To help streamline the efficiency of the archiving process, she hopes to improve her computer skills. To keep up her journalism background and her work at the local newspaper, she preserves pieces of the city’s history by writing short narratives for the collection of old and new photographs to be included in her upcoming book.

Persona 2

Name: Todd Sullivan
Demographic: white, male, early 90s, middle class
Descriptive Title: Retired Air Force pilot
Quote: Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.
A Day in a Life Narrative:

In his days as a pilot, he flew dangerous missions in many foreign lands. When first given the option to be relieved from active duty at the end of WWII, he instead applied to become a flight instructor to teach the next generation of pilots. He used his skills from the Air Force to train the future crop dusters of the valley. These days, he meets for breakfast at Denny’s with his old military buddies. Even in retirement, he checks on the crop dusting business, stays involved by advising novice pilots, and appears at events commemorating past achievements of local heroes. The occasional invitation to fly as the guest of one of the pilots at the local airport gives him great pleasure and a rare opportunity to reminiscing of the old days and sneak in a few rounds flying a plane.

End Goals:

He offers his stories to anyone who is a willing listener. However, the bulk of his free time is dedicated to learning about new technology developed for aviation, especially in the line of crop dusting planes. Ultimately, he wants to preserve the memory of the thousands of pilots who served the local community and the country. As he has gotten older, he strives to maintain an active lifestyle thus he stays involved in the community, goes to city functions, and meets with family members of his old buddies from the flight school.

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