Project Update #4

After the short few months of working on this project, I would like to say that I am rolling to the finish line, however that is not the case. With each new idea or accomplishment, I find a new challenge. A challenge or a new direction, which means: keep building and expanding.

I finally uploaded more plugins to make the items searchable by metadata, commenting, dropbox, HTML5Media, and the geolocation. I might be over my head because configuring and making these work is going to be a quest to take. For instance, I am still uncertain how the mapping is going to work. Initially, I was hoping to map the different places in the country cadets came from, but I only have time and access to upload the class photos of about half of the ones who attended the school from the years 1943-44 since there were no logs made before. I am not able to trace all cadets (that would require a whole new project). I have to make the map searchable or at least I know it could be done. So, I will be playing with this the next few days, sorting out photos of pilots, their classes, and the places they came from.

The interview with one of the instructors went well, however, I am having difficulty getting the recording from the people who did it because of transferring it to a file that could be used for OHMS and added to mine. It is in the works of being uploaded to YouTube.

In addition, I decided to create a “Contributors” simple page to give credit to all the people who helped me along the way and with their permission, they could be part of the future conversation when/if this site grows and people respond or add information to it. I have also changed the header background, but I am not satisfied with how it looks. Moreover, I am rethinking how the place is introduced, named, and described. So, the “About” page might need to be renamed or rewritten. Am I writing about MDR’s history or am I writing about this project on the home page?

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