Project Update – 2

This week’s work on my Pilot’s Log site consisted of behind the scenes work. After my oral history interview with Red Rider, I decided to go back to the Monterey County Agricultural and Rural Life Museum to follow up on some of the points from the interview and on other sources found at the King City Airport. I was able to locate most of the articles published in the local newspaper chronicling the opening operation and closing of the flight school. In addition, I found all of the columns written by Al Tax titled, “Flight Lines” that reported on the flight school from the inside. While exciting to learn about all this history, the digitization process presented itself with some testicles. Archived newspapers bound in a giant book are difficult to photograph because of where they fall on the page and how they are arranged. Some part are difficult to read because of how the accumulated pages bend, turn, or not turn all the way. Also documenting the date is sometimes harder that it needs to be. Do I get a close-up on the article for better readability or do I zoom out to include the date, or both? My other frustration is that now I have even more items to work with. I am questioning the value of including all of this when the project needs to be completed in 6 weeks. While I am uncovering a lot of history about the school, it is difficult to find and present the pilots as I had intended. Unfortunately, there aren’t many pilots around anymore, so as much as I am interested in featuring them it seems increasingly more difficult to stay with that plan.

Another aspect that has been hanging over my had is working with the plugins and deciding which ones I will implement. My first try to add and activate a new plugin did not work, so I decided to come back to it. The collections and exhibits are developing either on the site or in my head. However, I am still collecting information that requires a lot of reading, editing, and writing. I keep thinking whether my audience/personas would be interested in having all that information at hand. Moreover, I have three additional contacts to follow up in the local community that might lead to more items to be digitized and described, such as diaries, photos, and letters.

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