Mesa del Rey Flying School

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"About a year before the great disaster of Pearl Harbor, three men, operating a small airport in Palo Alto met to negotiate a contract whereby air force cadets would be trained in primary flying. It was most important to find a spot--one that had the proper climate, weather conditions and a low rainfall average. King City won the decision. The men behind the plan were Harry S. White, Alexis T. Ehrman and Horace Naxter, each one a pilot and an important figure in the business world. Thus was born the Mesa del Rey Flying School." 
 Al Tax "History of Mesa del Rey"
- The Rustler-Herald -
July 22, 1943 

 Mesa del Rey Flying School not only played an important role in U.S. and global history during WWII, but also affected the lives of poeple in King City and beyond.

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C. W. Courtney


C. W. Courtney, Cadet at Mesa del Rey, Class of 43-K

H. A. Evans


H. A. Evans, Cadet at Mesa del Rey, Class of 43-K

L. J. Doerr


L. J. Doerr, Cadet at Mesa del Rey, Class of 43-K

J. W. Durrant


J. W. Durrant, Cadet at Mesa del Rey, Class of43-K

Flight Command and Instructors


List of flight commanders and instructors at Mesa del Rey for the class of 43-K.