Anita Leonard

I have completed all of my courses for my undergraduate and graduate degrees in English and Linguistics at San Jose State University in California. That is where I heard about the DH Certificate at GMU when Dr. Katherine D. Harris encouraged interested graduates to explore this opportunity. I have no background in digital humanities, except for the History 680 course I just completed in the fall.

Being an English teacher requires a certain level of knowledge in history because literature cannot be taught without historical context. Thus, one of my favorite times as a middle school teacher was the annual Washington DC trip and the students’ discussions, projects, and writings following the event. I am interested in public digital history from this perspective. I would like to learn about this field to be able to use my teaching experiences, literary background, and historical interests to create DH projects or collaborate in projects for museums, archives or create projects for schools with student involvement. Since I was born and raised in Hungary, a project involving my home country is always in the back of my mind.

My goals for this semester are tool oriented. I feel that I did not become comfortable enough with the variety of tools in the previous course, so I hope to improve on that. In addition, I would like to extend my perspective on the field of digital humanities and its components to be able to build more comprehensive projects in the future.


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