A Definition of Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities is a platform, which offers a wide range of possibilities for scholars in humanities and computing as it merges those fields. This interdisciplinary field relies on the spectrum of activities that stem from literary, historical, cultural, or political scholarships embedding science and geography by borrowing tools and methodology from computer science and digital media. These disciplines do not simply mingle to pass on studies and methods, or exchange ideas and visions, rather they find a way to make new connections and create relevance between the old and the new, the familiar and the untried, and take a stand to inclusively attempt an original manifestation. On one hand, perspectives of literature and history are brought into a new light of cultural lens by digital tools that enable the public to engage in the conversation. On the other hand, digital tools allow new discoveries within ancient architecture, historical documents, or a piece of art that were unavailable to the pre-digital age.

Debates by Terras, Kirschenbaum, and Stephen discussing the definition of DH and viewing and analyzing projects in Digital Humanities, allowed me to gain a deeper insight within this discipline. However, I believe my definition reflects an evolving understanding of Digital Humanities, partially because trough practice I hope to engage with it more, but also because this field is vast and developing.

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