Why Metadata Matters?

  • What features of the digital objects does the metadata describe? What features does it not describe?

The metadata describes a good array of features for documents in the American Consumer Culture database. The document “Dictionaries” contains title, date, document type, library, date, industry, copyright, place, company, method, keywords, and language. However, it does not describe author/writer/interviewer. Some documents are transcripts of interviews from broadcasts, however, the place of broadcast or the participants of the interview are not described in the metadata.

In the visuals section, the metadata on ads is also quite extensive. It includes, title, date, image type, source, industry, company, brand, keywords, and image details. It does not describe the artist who created this advertisement. Although, it describes that it appeared in a magazine, the name(s) of magazine(s) are not included.

  • What questions does the metadata allow you to ask? What questions does it not allow you to ask?

In regards to the advertisement, the keywords are helpful in guiding the user to the rest of the advertisement, which is a well-constructed description of the automobile. This portion of the data is not searchable; however, by zooming in on the image, the text is easy to access.

The documents in this database are equipped with a text search, so by inputting some of the metadata, the user could find specific pages of interest within the document.

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